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With over 30000 digital agencies in the UK The Ad Collective ensures that you are connected to the UK’s best performing agencies….



Each agency in the Ad Collective Network is vetted and quality assured through our deep tech AI scoring points against many….



By establishing the UK’s first third party quality assurance mark for the digital industry , an ad network verified agency will save….



With a deep knowledge of the digital industry and pioneering ad -tech for decades we understand what makes a good….


The First Third Party quality assurance and verification standard within the UK Digital advertising Market.

With over 30,000 agencies in the UK the Ad Network Verification mark allows you access to a network or purely outstanding agencies all vetted through our unique A.I and “double vetting” algorithm….as an advertiser you can be rest assured that your campaigns will be handled by the best in the business , as an agency joining our network you can be proud in the fact that we deem you to be the best in your class…

In all surveys conducted consumers are making it clear that they are increasingly using technology to carry out every possible activity, such as buying products, booking experiences or even exercising.

Moreover, consumers prefer to invest in well-designed technology and products and services that resonate with them at the right time and on the right platform, giving priority to companies that put the customer journey and digitisation as a whole when choosing products and services. In this context, the inevitable question is: how agile is your company in the face of this challenge?

According to our Barometer, 29.70% of surveyed companies say they have not defined a post-COVID digital strategy. This has a negative impact on the whole business, as it is key to anticipate your customers’ needs by getting to know them and paying attention to the digital channels where they express their needs and wants. And this is especially relevant for CMOs and their marketing departments.

That’s why its more important than ever to ensure your choice of agency is aligned to your marketing goals and above all to ensure that the agency can fully execute your strategy with the highest success rates and the quickest results. With so many agencies of different capabilities the digital market is screaming to be regulated and quality checked if not only to create best practice within these agencies and allow them to be held accountable for the success of campaigns, this is why the Ad Collective has been born , purely out of necessity to protect advertisers.

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What Our Clients Say

As the Uk’s first quality assurance & verification mark, the weight and success of the Ad Collective mark can only be truly judged by the results of our verified agency network. This is why we love to hear the feedback of the results of our verified agencies from the advertisers we have been asked to assist, we hope to hear your success story soon but here are a few for you to read…

“Sportswear and Gym wear are a highly competitive market and its very difficult now to carve out a niche , so we needed to ensure that we hit the ground running , after so many failed promises and wasting time and money with the wrong agencies the ad collective put us in touch with an agency that understood our business and our brand continues to go from strength to strength“

CEO @ Miss Dynamic SporT

“We fell into the usual trap of sales man comes out , baffles us with technical terms, over promises and ultimately under delivers and this happened to us over again until we found the ad collective. We have now grown from two B&Bs to 12 properties across Scotland thanks to working with an agency that was quality checked for us .Ad Collective is the new quality mark of the digital industry“

A Mcdermott
CEO @ The Stirling B&Bs

“As a tech start up our investors were keen to see a quick growth trajectory however finding the right agency to target our demographic became increasingly problematic and we didn’t know who to turn to that would understand what we wanted to achieve , The Ad Collective introduced us to our current agency and we are enjoying on target growth thanks to our digital strategy ”

C. Jerome
CEO @ Pet Protect

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