With over 30000 digital agencies in the UK The Ad Collective ensures that you are connected to the UK’s best performing agencies for your campaign and your vertical through our industry first third party quality assurance mark.

The Ad Collective Network – The First Third Party quality assurance and verification standard within the UK Digital advertising Market

With over 30000 agencies in the UK with varying skill sets and expertise the UK digital advertising market has never been so fragmented with such huge disparity in experience and quality.

Digital advertising spend % is increasing year on year however Shockingly, nearly half (45%) of businesses don’t have a digital marketing strategy, but they are doing digital marketing. This seems to go along with a more general lack of planning since 40% do not have a marketing strategy in which digital marketing activities should be aligned against (Smart Insights, Managing Digital Marketing 2019, 2019).

This is mainly due to such diverse propositions at agency level confusing the advertiser and no guarantee in the quality of the service provided. Ad Collective is the UKs first third party , unbiased quality verification standard for the digital advertising space. The unique Ad Collective algorithm and extensive vetting and verification process mean that any agency in the Ad Collective network displaying the Ad Collective Badge are the pinnacle of expertise for your chosen specialism, vertical, channel or strategy.

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