The Ad Collective Verified Badge

The Ad Collective badge is only given out to agencies once they have been extensively and robustly tested for each channel that they specialise in with AI.

Once they have been passed and met the Ad Collective Criteria, then and only then, are they awarded the Ad Collective Verified Badge which they are then able to display proudly to ensure all customers are safe in the knowledge that they are a true expert in their chosen fields.

The Agency is then added to the Ad Collective network and our unique algorithm will choose whether they are suited to your needs, we call it double vetting, not ONLY do we give you the choice of vetted agencies we further vet them suited to your specific needs.

This allows all our clients the security of knowing they are dealing with an expert in their field saving potentially thousands of pounds of wastage and allowing quicker results.

The Ad Collective Verified badge has lifted the performance levels of the industry to enable higher levels of customer centric and campaign centric performance. There is no doubt that the digital industry had become slack in ensuring clients hard earned marketing budgets were being spent in the most effective manner and the most rewarding channels but this comes from experience and a high calibre of execution which is what the The Ad Collective network solely consists of The Ad Collective verified badge proudly shows that the agency in question is outstanding in its field and that Ad Collective AI has done the hard work for you in selecting your most suited agency

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