By establishing the UK’s first third party quality assurance mark for the digital industry , an ad network verified agency will save you thousands of pounds in wasted ad spend and give you immediate access to the best agency for your business.

Our clients approach us having faith and trust in the Ad Collective badge and make one of our specialist consultants aware of their requirements. With extensive experience and years of knowledge our consultants will run you through and advise on exactly what we feel you need. Once agreed we will then match these against our algorithm to connect you to one or more of our vetted Ad Collective agencies based on the specialisms you require.

Not only will you have contacts within the chosen Ad Collective network agencies, your specialist consultants will also be on hand for you to ensure service delivery ,to ensure KPI’s are met and if required will manage all the relationships on your behalf ensuring everything is organised so that there is no confusion in what you want to achieve.

A one stop shop with a consultant that works directly for you, managing your agencies for you from a hand picked vetted network… Ad Collective

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