Each agency in the Ad Collective Network is vetted and quality assured through our deep tech AI scoring points against many parameters to become a verified agency and to have the privilege of displaying The Ad Collective verified badge.

To establish the UK’s first impartial quality assurance and verification mark for the digital industry is not easy

The amount of variables to consider as well the numerous amount of publishers and channels makes digital advertising an online mount Everest to climb in the matter of decision making for your products

Its well known and documented that not all channels work for all products even geographical variances can make a big difference not even including industry type, the differing slaes funnels and overall customer journey habits relating to different products and services

The fundamentals of a good agency are equally as varied and each element needs to be continually stress tested

Data is gold and Our AI is data driven using the following parameters:

Staff Expertise




Attrition Percentages

Churn Percentages

Client Case Studies



And 78 further parameters that make up, In our eyes, the key components of an agency With a collective 100 years experience both agency and client side as well establishing Ad Tech solutions for common problems in online advertising our AI has been created by veterans of industry saving you time, money and overall bringing only exceptional digital experts in front of you.

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